Why Snail music?

Here's the reasons why you should use our music for your own or your clients projects.

The best quality sound

We believe that every song has to be created and nurtured as if it was one of our childs. You and your clients deserve only the best experience in your ears and heart.

Custom licenses

Thanks to Audiojungle, you can now purchase any song easily and decide how many people you want to reach. All legal. We work with them because they are the best!

Youtube Free

We want to give you greater comfort when using our music around the Internet, so you can use any of our songs on Youtube without worrying about content ID if you purchase the license.

*You will hear the word “AudioJungle” during our songs.
That is only the watermark protection and will be cleared automatically once you purchase the license.

and why on Audiojungle?

This sound marketplace makes it easier for both you and us
Hear the songs. Buy the license. Use it. It's that simple!

Our music and entrepreneurship career has taken us to many places in our lives until we discovered Audiojungle and it's possibilities.

This marketplace provides an incredible and easy-to-use platform where we can sell our music to millions of people around the world (who doesn't want international customers?) and you can buy the licenses following very simple steps.

An amazing win-win for all! But we don't stop there, we understand that also some people and companies prefer to have custom-tailored songs, so we're available for freelance work.

  • big brands have used our music
  • songs created
  • licenses has sold our bestseller

snail music team

We're two guys that, since a young age, challenged our society rules and established beliefs, so we made our own way having fun in this life. We're both passionate about good music.
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Crazy & Talented Musician
Fernando lives and breathe music every day. He started playing the guitar at a very young age, but soon his skills expanded through a lot of instruments and now is also an expert mixing music with the computer!
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Entrepreneur & Online Marketer
Pablo is a traveller, writer, SEO and passionate about entrepreneurship guy who also lives through the music. Always better if it’s Fernando’s music! He really enjoys discovering new states of consciousness.

Non Copyrighted Testimonials

Some clients wanted to thank us for providing them with nice songs:

License free music news

Here's our amazing blog, you can find here useful information about stock music, how/when to use it and where to find it, along with some legal advice. We also share our entrepreneurial journey in the Income Reports.


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