Royalty-free wedding music

royalty-free wedding music

As we explained in our article on the use of music for films, the use of Royalty-Free music for our Wedding videos is very similar.

We will differentiate, however, two situations in this case:

  1. The use of music for the event itself, ie, the wedding ceremony.
  2. The use of music for the wedding video.

In both situations, you will have to take into account what we explain below to not to have any unpleasant surprises. We want everything to go smoothly in such a special event, so we recommend you read the article to the end without skipping any piece.

Let’s start with the first point:

Using music for the wedding ceremony

First of all, make a note of the difference of commercial music, the one we hear every day on the radio or television and royalty-free music, the one we can acquire licenses for.

For the wedding ceremony itself and subsequent party, it is clear that the married couple will always want to play the famous songs that remind them of special moments of their relationship, so we will explain royalty-free music on the second section.

And, if we want to use commercial music for our wedding we will NOT have to pay a fee to the performing rights organizations (PRO), like BMI, ASCAP or SESAC in the United States, responsible for managing the collection of copyright protected artists.

ascap-bmi-sesacEach time one of the registered works is played, they are responsible for raising the money to later distribute it among its creators.

But as they say:

“ASCAP does not license DJs. It is the venue, establishment, or promoter of an event that is responsible for public performance licensing, not the performer. Private events such as weddings, etc. are exempt from licensing.” – Bryn Caryl, ASCAP

“BMI licenses the “public performance” of music… events such as private parties and weddings are not required to have a license.” – Jaqui Garlan, BMI

“Royalty fees are not collected for private performances.” – David Derryberry, SESAC

Clarified this first step, we go to the second point:

Using music for the wedding video

Here things get a little complicated, but with the information we provide below, you will have no problem in having a perfect video of the ceremony to share with everyone.

The main problem we encountered, in this case, is that while in the wedding ceremony typical songs are played once or twice, in a video published on Youtube, for example, we do not know how many reproductions will have.

Then these things can happen:

  1. Worst of all -but very unusual- is that the recording label claims us an undetermined amount of money (which can rise up to 5 digits) by using the song without the proper license.
  2. Youtube or Facebook can mute or block the video without previous notice if their algorithms detect that the music used in them is under copyright.
  3. Nothing happens and the video can be viewed without any problems. Although at any time a record label can realize that our video is there and claim a fee. Why take the chance?

music for wedding video

How to avoid problems with the music in our wedding video?

Simple, using royalty-free music, which can be purchased easily through many Internet marketplaces. This type of music is still protected by copyright, but the creator of the songs provides a license to use it where and how we want.

Within the royalty-free music, we can find music for free under Creative Commons and paid music under licenses.

Let’s talk about the best sites for both kinds of music:

Our favorite marketplace: AudioJungle

We love AudioJungle. Music there is not free but what we like about this site is that it has thousands of songs from all genres, updated daily. Thanks to its search engine are really easy to navigate and, if you find an author you like, chances are that you like his other songs too, so we save a lot of time in finding the right music.

The price of a standard license to use in our wedding video is $19, which is a bargain compared to how much commercial music licensing costs.

More background music under licenses

  • Premium Beat is another high-quality resource; it is also easy to navigate through the music.
  • Pond5 is another good site where you can buy the license for each song individually or pay a monthly fee to download many of them.
  • Audio Blocks is interesting because it allows access to their entire library with unlimited downloads for $99 a year.
  • Music Bed is a full-service licensing platform. They provide a highly curated selection of songs to filmmakers for use in media projects. Their music is not Royalty-Free.
  • Killertracks offers an enormous library of background production music. Its music requires a license fee each time you use it, approximately $200

Free royalty-free Wedding Music was founded by New York artist Kevin MacLeod. He creates his own music and put it here, where it is easy to search and find the right style among so many different songs. And it’s free!

In return, of course, there’s an attribution needed: people has to know where you got the music. To do this you must put a phrase in the video description (or within the video itself) which says where did you get the song and the type of Creative Commons license you are using.

More free music for our wedding videos

  • Youtube has a good (small one though) audio library from which to download and use music for free. You can search by genre, mood, instruments… and you can even save your favorites for later use.
  • Our Music Box is also a great website from which to download free background music, although it is not so easy to find the right songs for wedding videos.
  • Bensound is another fairly funny portal from which to get the music we want. Do not forget to read the terms of the licenses, because some songs are free and others are not.

So, here you have all the necessary resources to have any problems in this small aspect of your wedding!

We will strongly recommend that you take your time to choose the music for this special day and don’t skimp on expenses since the songs provide a big difference in the feelings of the people who are watching the wedding video.

And, when you look it back in a few years, you will also feel the magic of that moment.

We recommend also reading our article about music for homemade videos if you’re interested in this point.

music for weddings

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