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Download Royalty-free Electronic Music

While working in our own audiovisual projects, whether personal or commercial, we must ensure that the music we’re using it’s licensed.

Using music without paying the corresponding license or without attributing to its author (in case of Creative Commons licenses) can lead to see our video blocked automatically on Youtube, to financial fines by the PRO’s (BMI/ASCAP) or even serious legal problems if you have used them in advertising or commercial products such as video games or audiobooks.

That is why we have compiled here the best legal sites in which you can choose the electronic music that best suits what your project might need.

Download royalty-free EDM, electronica and House music

  • Youtube Audio Library: Youtube has a huge library of music without copyrights to use in any project. You can easily classify it by genre to find all kinds of electronic music. When you download one, take a closer look to see if the song is licensed under Creative Commons (a little doll within around will appear to indicate this) because then you will have to attribute the creator of the song, that is, put a phrase saying that the music is theirs.
  • AudioJungle: The best option if you want quality music to use in commercial projects of all kinds. It has five different types of license that cover all different uses that you can give to the song. From creating a YouTube video, to use it in a movie, television or radio… we will have the security of not infringing any copyright and the peace of mind of knowing that you can make derivative works.
  • Jamendo: Jamendo is a spectacular page where you can find high-quality electronic music. Downloads are free for personal use, while if you want to use the songs in commercial projects you will have to pay the cost of a license.
  • Free Music Archive (FMA) is perhaps the biggest free music website in the entire Internet. Download a song or dance electronic music is as easy as listening to it and press the download button. Be careful, because most are licensed under Creative Commons and you have to read the terms before using them.
  • Incompetech: In this website, we don’t find much electronic music and others, but is a good place to take a look if we didn’t find what we’ve been searching yet. Before you download anything, be sure to read the different types of licenses.
  • Dig CCmixter: The good thing about this website, besides having a considerable amount of music ready for download, is that many of the tracks are under Creative Commons attribution, and can be used in commercial projects for free, simply indicating who’s the author. Still, it is a good practice to read the terms of its three types of licenses to be informed before downloading anything.
  • Audionautix: It has a few songs, but good quality, however. It is a site that offers 100% free music with attribution. That is, you need to say that the music is created by some author or put a link to it. Totally free.

Finally, be careful with those search engines or websites offering free music without saying anything else! Some of them directly take links from other sites and do not provide us the necessary information about the licenses under which those songs operate.

Bookmark this page on your computer to always have all the marketplaces well classified.

If you’re searching for more genres, you can find more music in here: Royalty-Free Music.

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