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Yes, this is our orange logo. We are Snail Music. And this is our first post.

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We started this venture less than one month ago, in March 2016, after many years being each one on their own, living life the best we could and trying to build our own careers.

After meeting each other in the last year of high school, Fernando studied law and Pablo studied business administration at the university. But we did that because they told us to study and we saw no other choices, not because it was our passion.

Surely, we didn’t want a “normal” job. But sometimes we had to adapt.

Finally, 9 years after that high school grade, we are back together to bring the world our bests gifts. Both on the artistic side, but Fernando more focused on the creation and mixing of songs and Pablo focused on the online marketing side and running the numbers, we joined the best marketplace out there, Audiojungle, to begin our music career.


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Snail Music and Snail Arts

We named our venture Snail Music, inside the holding called Snail Arts, and we’re going to share with you every month all the things that are happening to us.

After 4 or 5 previous online business failures me, Pablo, I know that starting one is not easy, so I thought that will be a good practice to write down everything: how many licenses we sold, what songs are we releasing, how much money we spent and why… (you can see our monthly income reports here) this firsts months it will be like a joke, because we’re still very little players at the beginning of their careers, but it will get more interesting over time, I assure you.

And I can assure you that because, after many years of failures and learning, we KNOW that this is our thing. We know that we will need hard work and patience over the next years. We know is going to be everything but easy. We know we’re not going to surrender and keep going, whatever happens to us.

We’re willing to go hungry and cold for our dream.

Living our lives as we please is that dream.

Welcome to the beginning of it and thank you for joining us!

-Pablo & Fer-

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