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Music streaming services for business

Here are some facts about how music affects your business:

Music changes the consumer experience

  • 80% of purchasing decisions are made impulsively at the point of sale.
  • 50% leave the store because they are bothered by the song selection
  • 39% of them don’t come back. Ever.

A proper musical selection increases the time spent in the store

  • 40% of clients spend more time in the store if they feel the music is well chosen.
  • Better music = more time spent = more sales.

The adequate music increases fidelity to the brand

  • 21% recommend you if they felt good with the music
  • 31% come back if the music is appropriate

Music creates identity

  • 97% of general managers of the best retailers in the world say that music strengthens the brand personality.

Now, knowing how music influences our business in the buying decision of our customers…

What kind of songs can we use and how to get them to avoid copyright problems?

Using music from Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, radio or television we would have to pay a costly monthly fee to the main PROs (Performance Rights Organization) in your country.

Fortunately, there other professional options -also more affordable- to not have to worry about anything and they offer include:

  1. A huge amount of royalty-free songs, organized by musical genres and mood, so you can pick the ones that best suit your business.
  2. Forget about making the selection of songs, because they have radios in which no song is repeated. Just press the play button!
  3. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service via streaming. That is, you will not need anything more than a computer connected to the Internet, without additional software.
  4. Affordable prices, no permanence commitment or initial/final fees.

Music to attract customers

What are the best solutions available? Let’s make a comparison:

Music stream for business – International

  • Soundtrack Your Brand: They are the same people behind Spotify and sure are the best option in this industry. Soundtrack offers a music streaming platform, licensed for commercial and public spaces. It costs 34.99 € per location & month but the good thing is you can try it for one month for free and cancel at any time.
  • Jamendo Licensing: The most affordable. It has more than 33 different radios with all types of musical genres to play in shops, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, boutiques or department stores. Prices vary by the square meters and are between 4.99 €/month for less than 51m2 to 19.99€/month for locals in between 401 and 1,000m2.
  • Heartbeats International: For big brands, a little bit more expensive. They create a complete strategy, a united perspective and a framework answering the fundamental questions of why, how, where and when to communicate the brand through music and sound.
  • Sound Machine: Starting at $34.95/month, they provide a super-useful music service, where you can create your playlist, schedule them, incorporate promotional messages between them and have multiple locations. They offer also 1 month for free.

Music streaming services – USA

  • Pandora: Pandora and Mood Media have partnered to make Pandora internet radio, loved by over 200 million people for their personal use, now available for business as Pandora for Business. They will cover the required commercial use license – so you can now legally play Pandora for your customers.
  • Rockbot: An amazing alternative. With over 14million songs in their catalog, they have a unique software so you can control the playlist from anywhere with a tablet or smartphone, that is, a remote control for your store managers.
  • Jukeboxy: Jukeboxy costs only $29.95 per month and the subscription includes 250+ professionally curated playlists, scheduling by day-part where users can mix unlimited playlists, remote control via web browser and IOS & Android apps, multi-account management from one platform, in-store audio messaging and “Jukeboxy DJ Set” where users can create their own mood, genre and decade based DJ Sets.
  • Cloud Cover: Prices start at $18 per month. From the most popular hits by the biggest groups to tracks from newly breaking artists, they have it all. You can choose from over 50 stations and combine them to create the perfect mix and remove songs that don’t fit your brand.
  • Custom Channels: They have different packages, starting from $35/month. It gives you many fully licensed, ready-to-go music channels with playlists continuously updated by music professionals.

Music streaming for business – Europe & UK

  • Spotify Business:  For Sweden, Norway and Finland only. They offer endless music, always updated to the latest trends and to use your phone or computer as a remote control for it. You can control all your locations from a single dashboard. It costs 34,99 € per location & month – after the first month.
  • Auraclesound: Supplies the retail and leisure industries with a commercially licensed music streaming service via app, web player or hardware options.

Music stream for companies – South America & Spain

  • Brandtrack: One of the highest quality options. It offers over 120 music channels with Creative Commons music, designed by DJs and songs are updated monthly, so the music will be always original. Prices start around $ 19 per month for a single physical store.
  • Kasimu: This in-store music service has 12 music channels starting at 14.99€/month + VAT and you don’t have to pay any starting fee. It offers a free 3-day trial.
  • Soundreef: Same as above, but also offers a free trial period of 15 days to see if we’re convinced. The cost varies with the square footage of your store and is usually more expensive than Jamendo. They pay royalties to the artist based on the music that is used.

Streaming music for business – Asia

  • Express Melody: Based in Singapore but expanded with offices in China and Malaysia, they provide high-quality audio solutions for all kinds of business, from retailers to hotels or shopping malls. They have an unlimited music selection and provide the hardware to manage the sound ambiance remotely. They provide also a 14-day free trial.

Streaming services for business – Australia

  • Qsic: Prices start from $30/week. Australia’s first commercially licensed music streaming service, they take the hassle and complication out of your music system so you can have the proper background music without further headaches.
  • StrorePlay: An integrated app and web-based music subscription service providing retailers, restaurants, hair salons or any other commercial premises with curated music playlists to enhance the ambiance of their stores. They have also a Royalty-Free version available globally.

Music for Business (B2B)

As you can see, there are many different services in every country and each one offers not only different music but many other additional options and gadgets, like creating playlists, having remote controls or even letting the same clients choose the next song through an app!

So, the best thing you can do is to spend some time learning about the features they offer and the prices they have. As we saw at the beginning of the article, music plays an important -if not essential- role in your business or store and it’s worth to choose the best option for it.

Which option do we recommend?

It all depends on your budget, but we found that Soundtrack Your Brand offers the best cost /quality ratio:

  • They provide their service in all countries.
  • They let you play 180 music channels, guaranteed to fit any type of business.
  • They have an easy-to-use dashboard to control all your locations and schedule your sound.
  • You can add your own playlists and they built the Music Finder, a tool that helps you find the right soundtracks.
  • They let you try the service for one month for free with no commitment, cancel online at any time.
If you have a restaurant, a retail store, an express store, a small business or an office you surely have other important things to take care of. Let any of these services do the music work!


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  1. admin
    admin says:

    Thanks Tom! We’re not native English speakers, so I didn’t know that. Now is fixed 🙂 Will the puppies resurrect?

  2. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    Great article! Love how you offer a brief background on each company (any B2B relationship should truly be a partnership).

    While this is a super comprehensive list, I was surprised that Mood Media is nowhere to be found on this list. They’ve been one of the industry leaders in business music solutions for decades – and they offer multiple music streaming solutions that are licensed and designed specifically for business use.

    • Pablo
      Pablo says:

      Hello Jeff!

      Yes, it is added, is just that Mood Media is “inside” Pandora, because both companies partnered to offer the same solution 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. Rob
    Rob says:

    Interesting list, especially for internationally, I thought that the companies that appear to be American operated everywhere.

    I’m just curious that SoundMachine is not there though. We’ve been using it in our steakhouse for some months now and we’re quite happy with it!

    • Pablo
      Pablo says:

      Hi Michael! Usually these services use royalty-free music for their radio stations, this means that you will not find famous or well-known artists there. That’s why most of them give the opportunity to select only radios. To select particular artists or songs, you can try for example ‘Rockbot’ or ‘Heartbeats International’.

  4. Obodo
    Obodo says:

    Tom please don’t ridicule people because of their writing skills or speaking accent and talent. Everybody is not and can never be always English speaker so shut up your mouth.


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