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Legal Music for Facebook & Instagram Videos

Choosing a song to use on Facebook or Instagram is not as simple as it may seem. The main problem comes when uploading a video that contains some type of music protected by Copyright since the platform can, without prior notice, delete automatically the content that we have uploaded and even disable our account if this situation is repeated over time.

This situation, which may seem small, is aggravated if it’s a company who wants to publish the video on their fan page or to use it in Facebook Ads -from where you control also the ads directed to Instagram-, since it is a big waste of time.

What options do we have so we can save as much time as money in the process?


The ideal option, because using this type of music we make sure that:

  1. The quality of the music is top-notch.
  2. That we do not have any future problems regarding the copyright in the present as in the future when publishing our video on Facebook, Instagram or Facebook Ads because we have a legal license.

There are several online marketplaces that sell royalty-free music, however the largest, simplest and most intuitive is AudioJungle.

We can find there all kinds of musical genres and sound effects under five types of licenses, although to use the music in a video that we upload later to Facebook, for example, we will only need the standard license that costs $19.

The best thing about this website is that it will allow us to download the preview of any song. This means downloading the entire song in mp3 format with a watermark on it, so we can test it in our video and buy those song/s that better suit our video images.

epidemic sound logoThere are, as well, monthly payment services for which you can access a library of more than 300,000 royalty-free songs. The best known is Epidemic Sound, and that’s why the most famous YouTubers and big social media channels use it.

You will see that they provide a service specifically for Youtube, but they allow you to use the music as well in other sites, as mentioned here. In my experience, they do not insist on crediting them, and you will be able to monetize your videos without any further problems to not to receive a copyright claim never again.


Another equally valid option is to use free music that is distributed under Creative Commons licenses. The main problems that we will have if we choose this option are:

  1. This type of licenses forces us to mention the artist who created that piece. Therefore, we must write a sentence below the video indicating who the music is. You can learn more in this link about the Creative Commons music.
  2. We cannot be sure that this specific piece of music will not be copyrighted in the future and may change the terms of their license. In other words, we do not have any legal documents (as we would if we acquired a license) and therefore on a rights dispute on Facebook, there would be nothing that we could do about it.

However, it is a very valid option for personal accounts, in which these types of problems are not as significant as if it was a company. Often the content (video) is created with other applications that offer songs “for free” and the problem only appears at the time of publication on the platform.

To prevent this from happening to us, we will have to download free music from these places:

In all of them, you will find music libraries with all sorts of background songs from different genres and sound effects. We recommend reading the terms of these free licenses within each page to make sure you can use them in your videos without any problems.

musica para instagram


As we said, the essential difference in choosing royalty-free music to put it on your Facebook or Instagram videos is basically the peace of mind that provides the purchase of a legal license.

If the video is created by a company or to be published as an advertisement with Facebook Ads there is no discussion: it is essential then to choose a standard license from AudioJungle or to purchase licenses from similar pages such as Pond5 or Premiumbeat.

If instead, the video is going to be published in a personal account, then yes, we can be a bit more condescending and use free music but beware! as long as it is royalty-free, never a famous song or an artist who has not said that his music is not under copyright and can be used without problem.

Artists and record companies use the technology called Facebook Rights Manager by which they can control at any time thanks to a comparison algorithm videos with their music that is uploaded to the platform, so there is no way to skip that limitation.

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