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Music for commercials and advertising agencies

When making a commercial for television radio or the Internet, we need always good background music. A catchy song is one of the most effective resources when it comes to selling!

The problem comes when choosing which type to choose we’re going to use:

We cannot afford under any circumstances the use music if we don’t have the license, since the full video ad could be muted or blocked on the Internet, with the disastrous consequences that such action would have on our company. For more information about this topic, we wrote an article about

For more information about this topic, we wrote an article about music without copyright for Youtube videos.

All about music for advertising and commercials

So let’s answer these questions one by one:

Can I use famous songs for my ad?

It depends. Many famous singers refuse to give up their rights for the use of their songs in ads because they don’t want to associate its name with a particular brand or product, others give their songs for free and others claim large amounts of money.

Will I have to pay royalties or copyright fees? How much they cost?

There is no price list, it depends on what the author considers. Some are free and they’re others who claim up to 90,000€. The best thing here is to always contact the artist itself or his/her representatives and ask.

Can I make covers of a famous song and use them?

Versioning songs for commercials can get out very expensive. It’s true that sometimes is not easy to discern when a song is original or a copy and the decision -when the issue is brought to court- is often based on expert musical experts.

These experts are responsible for conducting a technical report of the song, in which the structure of the piece, its beat, and rhythm of the melody is analyzed. Both the defense and who initiates the process commission a study, in addition to the independent report which usually claims the judge.

The economical amount of the compensation charged by the author is usually similar to what it would have cost the license to use the song.

Can we find quality songs but not famous ones that can be used without copyright problems?

Of course, and in fact, is often the best choice when it comes to choosing music for our commercials for three reasons:

  1. We save time by not having to look for ways to contact the artists, negotiate with them, etc.
  2. We save money since the licensing of these songs are much more affordable.
  3. We win in originality for our advertisement, because the music itself will not be the same as heard hundreds of times in other places, such as nightclubs, the radio or the Internet.

Do I have to hire a company to do it?

You don’t have to. You can do two things in this case, the first is to hire a company or specific artist engaged in creating music “a la carte” and, on the other side, take a look at the current marketplaces around the Internet specialized in royalty-free stock music as we explained in our article music for video marketing.

These websites contain thousands of songs created specifically in order to be used as music for commercials and you can adapt perfectly the music to be used below other voices or sounds that we can add up to our video.

Is there any cheap way to get quality songs without copyright?

Yes, as we mentioned there are specific Internet websites dedicated to selling licenses. AudioJungle is the best one.

Not only it provides us with a versatile library of thousands of songs from all the existing genres (updated daily) but provides several kinds of very cheap licenses depending on where we want to use the music and also a great and useful search.And the range of prices for the licenses are:

  • Standard license: $19
  • Broadcasting license for 1 million people:  $38
  • Mass reproduction license: $76
  • Broadcasting license for 10 million people: $152
  • Film license: $304

Here you can listen to some background music from Audiojungle:

And watch a Mitsubishi ad using a song from the same online market:


Download music for your advertising spot in 5 simple steps

Following the steps below, you can download royalty free music in a matter of minutes:

  1. Sign up easily on the AudioJungle platform.
  2. Search among categories or with the search engine the mood of the song or sound effect you are searching for. Listen at least to a dozen of them to get an idea of the background music that best fits your advertisement.
  3. Once you choose the song, read the full description to see what is included and familiarize yourself well with the different types of license to choose the right one.
  4. Add the song/s to your cart, complete the payment gateway and download it without the watermark.
  5. Now you can modify and use the song without worrying about restrictions on copyright or being blocked by major websites like Youtube.

In this way, we ensure we’re using music in our ads which fulfill all the rules on copyright terms.

Sound effects for advertising

Many times we will not be looking for complete songs, but sound effects. For example the sound of water falling, a passing train or a phone ringing.

We can also find them on AudioJungle and the good news is that the cost is significantly reduced, in between $1 and $4.

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