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Download Legal Background Music for videos and presentations

¿Where I can find background music without copyright for my videos or presentations?

We have two options:

  1. Buy the licenses for royalty-free songs.
  2. Download royalty-free songs for free (under Creative Commons)

Let’s dive into the ups and downs of each one of them.

1. Buy music purchasing the licenses.

The first option is the best one if we want to add high-quality music to our videos and avoid future problems. Good news is that we can acquire the licenses for $19 or less.

There are many specialized marketplaces in which to buy stock music. You will not find free music on them, but different license prices depending on the size of the audience and the placement of the songs.

Its advantages are:

  • They have an unlimited amount of songs from all kinds of genres, to choose the ones that better suit our project.
  • We could use the song for commercial purposes or in our business by purchasing the proper license. We could use it even in radio, broadcast tv or indie movies.
  • We will have the security that no big platform like Youtube or Facebook could block or mute our video.

Marketplaces where you can buy royalty-free music without copyright

Looking ahead to avoid problems and save time searching for the background music, we have made a review of the most famous marketplaces where you can acquire the relevant licenses:

  • AudioJungle: Undoubtedly, one of the best places on the Internet to acquire background music, sound effects, and complete songs (even with lyrics!). It contains almost half million songs and also has an integrated search engine through which, by just typing a keyword to define the mood of the song that we’re seeking it will show us hundreds of results to start listening. All songs there are in MP3 and WAV and the licenses price range from $15 to $304, depending mostly on the size of our audience. Acquiring the music in this way, we ensure that it is 100% legal and we will not have any copyright problems.
  • Jamendo: Converted into a musical community, also offers hundreds of songs to acquire under licenses, ranging from 5€ for personal use up to 300€ of unlimited use, classified under theme and mood.
  • Premiumbeat: Little bit more expensive, but amazing quality music to be used in ads, commercials, professional videos, presentations, video games and marketing or corporate projects.
  • Pond 5: Pond5 is another marketplace dedicated to stock, which includes not only music but also video, images and 3D models. Its navigation is not as simple as AudioJungle’s, since the songs appear “stacked” when we type a term in its internal search engine and prices vary randomly, but it’s still a very good option when it comes to purchasing a license.
  • Bensound: In this website, we can find a combination of free music and music under licenses. The only downside is that we will have to attribute the author. Can be very interesting if we’re not going to use it in a commercial project, for example in a Powerpoint presentation for a college job or a business presentation.

2. Download the songs for free under Creative Commons licenses.

This option is well-suited for videos or presentations that are not important or professional projects because we will always have to verify under wich Creative Commons license is the songs and attribute (mention) the artist. This means writing in somewhere, like the description, that the song is theirs.

The main benefit, of course, is that we will not have to pay for the songs, but then the inconveniences are:
  • This kind of websites has less music. We lose originality because thousands of other people will be using the same songs on their projects.
  • We are not allowed to use the songs for commercial purposes or monetize our videos. 
  • We risk our video to be muted or blocked on big platforms like Youtube or Facebook because the terms could change at any time.

Best places to download free background music for presentations are:

  • Youtube Audio Library: Youtube has a huge library from which to download music and sound effects, everything for free.
  • Free Music Archive (FMA): The most well-known website to get this kind of music. We will have to mention the artist in our project/video and say what kind of CC license are we using.
  • Incompetech: Same as above, we will have to mention the artist if we download any song that serves our purposes.
  • Vimeo: You can find there free and paid music. Free ones are under Creative Commons licenses. Service discontinued in November 2016.

Author’s royalties for music on the Internet

Why is it important and why do we have to care about copyrights?

Websites like Youtube, Facebook or Instagram have algorithms that search and compare automatically the visuals and music for every one of the videos uploaded. If they detect that has been a copyright violation, they can mute or block your video, making you waste your time and efforts.

If you want to use the music for a corporate video, imagine how awkward could be presenting a project to your boss or colleagues that suddenly has no sound on it.

royalty free music for imovie

Example of video blocked on Youtube

That’s why we always recommend purchasing a standard license, nowadays they have very affordable prices.

Music for presentations

These are some good examples of songs that you could find on Audiojungle:

All songs there have the MP3 and WAV versions and the price of the licenses goes from $15 to $304, this one only if we want to use the song in a broadcast advertisement or big movie.

For a little presentation or Youtube video will be enough to acquire the standard license, the cheapest one. The best thing you can do is verify wich license better suit your needs with this little form.

Audiojungle has a built-in search engine from which we can type a keyword that defines the type of song we are searching for (rock, groove, cinematic, hip-hop, electronic, jazz…) and it will show us hundreds of results so we can start listening and choose the one that better suits our needs.

Purchasing the background music from there we can have peace of mind that we will be using 100% legal songs and we will not have subsequent problems about rights. You can learn more about this topic in our in-depth guide about what is royalty-free music.

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