February 3, 2017

Custom Music

musica a medida y personalizada

Do you need custom-tailored music?

The team of composers and sound designers of Snail Music has years of experience making music for:

  • Advertising on TV and the Internet (Youtube)
  • Showrooms
  • Business
  • Videogames
  • Documentaries and Movies
  • Video Marketing
  • Radio

The team’s collaborative dialogue and versatility of range and experience create a unique dynamic that has already produced brilliant results while working with a range of major national and international clients, including Nestlé, Fossil, Atkins Global y TheHutGroup.

“I’ve never had before the opportunity to work with a music provider like Snail Music. Their way of creating makes that the previous difficulties of finding the proper music have changed for us, turning that into a pleasure. Everything is in their hands and the result could not be better! ” – Luc Martínez, from GoViral.

custom music for videos

Contact us now sending an email to hi@snailarts.com or simply write us through our contact form. We usually reply within minutes.

Custom Music for Business: Methodology

Our experience in the music field has allowed us to develop a way to work that pleases our clients and maintains the timings, always with the maximum sound quality and adequation for each and every one of the musical pieces.

Customer’s Information

  • What kind of music needs
  • What’s the purpose of that music
  • Budget available

Definition of work to be done

  • Timings of delivery and scope of work
  • Initial projection and alignment of concepts
  • Economic proposal

Initial Feedback

  • Presentation of the initial creative proposal. First drafts
  • Review of the different options presented

Creation and delivery

  • Delivery of finished product
  • Review of additional options

“Now we know that the musical aspect is covered. Forever. Something so important as the emotions that are transmitted through music in a major project cannot be left to chance. The Snail Music team had provided us with just what we needed.” – Xavier Clemens, from Mine3M

Our Story

Snail Music was born in Barcelona at the beginning of 2016 thanks to the partnership of two professionals, Pablo Olóndriz and Fernando Perreau de Pinninck. It’s recording studio began creating high-quality royalty-free music for different Internet marketplaces and, at the same time, they developed a brand with a strong online presence.

Later on, they decided to left everything behind and move the studio to the island of Menorca, where they will find more inspiration to bring to reality their musical concepts. Since then, they work there along with some external partners to deliver their client’s needs and continue expanding their brand.

The custom music, sounds and songs service was designed to help our customers create the track that best suits their business or project, from television advertising or Youtube videos, documentaries, series, video games, video marketing, and trailers to standby ringing tones.

Other testimonies

“You have given soul to this project, thanks to your music the ad now transmits the emotions we were looking for for everyone who sees it. We will work together again, that’s for sure.” – Joan Casadevall, from GProject.

Snail Music helped us finally find the combination of professionalism, quality and speed we expected for a project of this type.” – Marie Forleo, from Marieforleo.com

“I never imagined that giving life to an audiovisual project would be so simple, we don’t need to look any further if we need again the right music. Snail Music are a group of great professionals who know what they are doing.” – Glen Watt, from Crater Studio.

Pricing and Licensing

All the songs, melodies and sound effects created become the property of the client once the work is completed, so it does not require any kind of special license and can be used for any purpose that the client wishes. Snail Music delivers a signed property certificate in order to effectively transfer the copyright of the final product.

The rates vary according to the type of work and the personalization that the client needs. Once these needs are determined, Snail Music creates and delivers a free, non-binding budget in less than two business days.

Contact Us!

Contact us now sending an email to hi@snailarts.com with the title “New project: [company name]” or simply write us through our contact form. We usually reply within minutes.