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Buy music for Youtube videos

Youtube is the third most visited website on the Internet nowadays, only behind  Google and Facebook and contains the vast majority of the videos uploaded to the Internet.

We will show you below how to use royalty-free music in your Youtube videos without worrying about content ID.

We will also link to the best marketplaces to download this kind of royalty-free music and sound effects.

.What is Youtube content ID and why should I worry about it?

Content ID is an algorithm system that scans automatically all videos uploaded to YouTube and checks if the material used -music, image, etc-  is under copyright.

If it finds something, notifies the user and also the legal holder of the content.

For example, if we upload a video and we add the song “Viva la vida” on the background, YouTube will scan the video and notify Coldplay that we’re using their music, sending us a warning.

What could happen after, depending on several factors, is that:

  • The video can be muted.
  • The video can be eliminated.
  • If we are monetizing the video, we would share the benefits of it with Coldplay, giving them automatically half of our profits.

Here you can watch a little video explaining how it works:

How can we avoid this situation?

Easy, just adding to our videos royalty-free music. Some SEO studies argue that adding the right music to your video can improve their rankings and views by more than 50%.

Where to find royalty-free music for Youtube?

There are many web pages on the Internet that provide us songs (even with lyrics!) or sound effects to add to our Youtube videos, some of them for free, being the most well-known of them… the same Youtube!

Yes, exactly. Youtube has an amazing tool called Audio Library, where it classifies all their music and sound effects that we can add to our videos without paying a dime.

What is important to have in mind is that, if we see an attribution icon, it means that this song, in particular, is under a Creative Commons license and therefore we must mention in the description of our video who is the artist.

For example like this:

Ice Cold from Audionautix is under Creative Commons Attribution (


youtube audio library

Having this said it’s very likely that, being free music, we don’t find exactly what we’re searching for, that we don’t want to attribute the author or that the quality is above expected.

In such cases, there are marketplaces specifically dedicated to it:

  • Audiojungle: With a catalog with more than 200.000 songs updated daily and with a search engine that finds quickly everything we need with only a mood/genre keyword, this is our favorite royalty-free marketplace. Prices range from $1 to $19 for a Standard License, the one we need for any Youtube video.
  • Pond5: Similar to the first one, but his search engine is not that user-friendly. The quality of the songs is very high and the prices vary depending on the length of the songs.
  • Jamendo: Here we can find free songs -under attribution- and also pay a license for these same songs to be able to use them in commercial projects or in Youtube videos without having to mention the artist.

What’s the price for a song to use in a Youtube video?

This is an important question, because sometimes in the rush or ignorance, we don’t bother to check the details of the license we have bought, something that can lead us to have future problems.

If we want to use the song only on Youtube, the standard license on Audiojungle will cost us $19.

This prices are very affordable and will give us the freedom to do whatever we want with the song, modify it, cut it or enlarge it as we please.

These are some of our royalty-free songs available to add in any Youtube video purchasing a license:

You can learn more visiting our page about Royalty-Free Music or learn how to choose the best music for your videos.

music for youtube without copyright

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