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Podcasting is no longer a trend as upward as a few years ago was but remains for many people a way of expressing themselves, a hobby or even a source of support for their business or personal blog.

With the rise of smartphones, there has also been a substantial increase of consumers of this service.

As we already know, for the purpose of creating a podcast it is always essential to have a good music library and sound effects, especially for the introduction and the end of it.

Before showing you which are the best sites to get music for your podcast, it’s important for you to understand why you cannot use any song in them.

What happens if I use any song that I want in my podcast?

The best thing that could happen is nothing and the worst would be that the owner of the rights of the music that you’re using claims a payment for their use or the platform on which you hang the podcast -iTunes, Amazon, Youtube…- blocks it without previous notice.

[If you want to later upload that podcast as a YouTube video we also recommend reading this other article about buying music for Youtube videos]
  • So, how to avoid these potential problems?

First of all, there’s a differentiate between Podsafe music (which can be used without problems) and protected under copyright music (which cannot be used without explicit permission).

Sure, you want to know if you can use your favorite Rolling Stones song or a piece of Mozart’s music as background music for your podcast.

The answer is: if it’s not your own music or you don’t have permission from the owners of the rights to the song, don’t use it. If music is under copyright, you’re at the risk of legal problems.

How can I know if a song is protected by Copyright?

Copyright laws can become quite complicated. The fact that there’s no notice does not mean that can be used freely and often it is unclear whether a work is protected or not. So when in doubt, better not use it.

What we can use is royalty free music, both free and paid:

Royalty free music for podcast (paid)

Royalty free music is always the best option for a podcast. While it is true that cost us some money, standard licenses are usually pretty cheap (around $ 15) and ensure peace of mind, because you can use it without any problems.

Here are the best sites to get it:

  1. AudioJungle – Probably the best marketplace on the Internet and that’s the reason we upload our own creations there. Thanks to its search engine, you will easily find songs from all genres and sound effects that perfectly match the structure of your podcast. Simply choose the type of license, which will be the Standard License (which can cover up to 52 episodes of that podcast within one year) and it will be available for you to use it immediately.
  2. Jamendo – It’s a mix of a music community and downloadable royalty free songs.
  3. Pond5 – Very similar to the first one, also offers sound effects and a multitude of genres to choose from.
  4. Free Music Projects – Manages music catalogs that are sold exclusively through its website and have been created by professional composers.
  5. Audionity – From Spanish composers, works without licenses or contracts and payments are made directly to the author.
  6. StockMusic – Very similar to AudioJungle or Pond5.
  7. Loopsound – More royalty-free music.

Royalty free music for podcast (for free)

If you have a low budget for your podcast, we can always get access to free music sites, which most songs are under Creative Commons or similar (we highly recommend reading the license of each of websites before downloading and using anything).

What if the music is licensed under Creative Commons?

In between Podsafe music and protected under copyright music there’s music under Creative Commons licenses, which tracks can be used under certain conditions, which may include:

  • Attribution to the author, that is, writing in a visible spot that the music is theirs.
  • You cannot modify the song or sound.
  • You cannot use it for commercial use (so, be aware if you’re monetizing your podcast).

These are the best free music websites:

  1. Free Music Archive (FMA) – The largest of all, you can download tracks under Creative Commons and other licenses or listen to them on streaming.
  2. Musopen – Directory of online classical music with public domain works.
  3. Dig.ccmixter – Find music from different artists classified by gender and properly licensed to use it in your podcast.
  4. Incompetech – Another great site from which to download free and rights-free music.

best music for podcast

How to find the right songs for your podcast

The license offered by AudioJungle ensure the full use of copyrights. So, you can use that song anywhere you want but according to the limitation of the license of the music you bought.

Benefits of Audio jungle for podcasting

  • Once you have paid for a song, you will have full rights and you can use that song any way you want according to the limitation of the song.
  • There are many music providers which offer a different range of songs. But Audiojungle has the best and largest library with almost every type of song.
  • Audiojungle offers the most affordable prices to its customers so they may be able to buy within the budget.
  • Audiojungle is also famous for its search engine. There you can find any type of song you want to just by writing the mood and then hundreds of options will be shown.
  • Some websites sell pirated licenses which might be cheaper than the real ones but they can definitely result in some sort of blockage or restriction. Audiojungle provides authentic licenses: affordable and real.
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