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Everyone nowadays uses the camera from their smartphone, GoPro or even the camera of a Drone to capture special moments that we spend with our family, friends and loved ones.

Later on, we edit the video, adding effects and music and uploading to social platforms like Youtube, Facebook or Instagram and be able to share it with other people.

If we use a song and we do not own the copyrights, we can face some issues:

  • Our video will be muted or blocked.
  • The copyrights owner can claim an economic compensation if we have monetized our video.

Youtube, for example, has an algorithm that compares every one of the videos that are uploaded to their platform and detects if the songs have cleared copyrights or not.

Therefore, it is essential to use royalty-free music for the composition of your videos, since it’s the only way by which we can avoid the violation of copyrights and subsequent fines, blockings or complaints from the artist.

Where can we find royalty-free music to edit our videos?

There are several online marketplaces that offer non-copyrighted music, both free and paid.

The main difference is that if we choose the free ones we will have to mention the artist in our video or project and if we purchase a license then not. Usually, licensed songs also tend to have a higher quality.

These are the best marketplaces:

  • Audiojungle – Do a quick search inside, choose the license (usually the “standard” one will fit your project) purchase the song and it will be ready to use. Prices go from $1 for sound effects to $19 to full songs.
  • Jamendo – The most famous one in Spain and South America. There you can find high-quality music, both free and paid.
  • Pond5 – Very similar to the first one but with a slightly complicated search engine. They offer a lot of genres to choose from.
  • Free Music Projects – This site manages own music catalogs that are sold there exclusively and have been created by professional composers. Their licenses start at 19€.
  • Audionity –  It works differently without licenses or contracts, so the payments are made directly to the author of the music.
  • StockMusic – Very similar to the first three. Royalty-free music for videos.
  • Free Music Archive (FMA) – Here we can find free themes under Creative Commons. To use them, we should mention the artist in our video.
  • Musopen – Offers classical music with public-domain songs.
  • Dig.ccmixter –  We can find songs from different artists classified by genre and with appropriate licenses to use it on our homemade video.
  • Incompetech – Another website from which can download stock music. We will have to mention the artist in exchange for using their songs.

As you can see, on the Internet is possible to find a lot of royalty-free music. To choose the best option, the best thing is to look at the characteristics below:

  • Music Library: How many songs and sound effects have? Is the average quality good? Are there any new songs every week?
  • Licenses: Are the licenses clear and easy to find? How many people can I reach with a standard license?
  • Price: The licenses have an affordable price?

Music for time lapses, family videos, Drone videos and more

Audiojungle is from our point of view the best marketplace. They have more than 10.000 registered authors that have made almost half a million songs and sound effects and it’s really easy to find what we’re searching for.

Once purchased a license, it is possible to use the song without worrying about being blocked on any big video platform.

Background music for travel videos

As you can see, royalty-free music can fit really well in a homemade video. This one below uses the song A Beautiful Life from author Tim McMorris.

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