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Buy music for corporate videos

Any corporate video represents the spirit of the company to the outside world.

Being a combination of visual and auditive raw material, it’s essential to choose the best music for our video, with adequate backgrounds songs that don’t get in front of the message we want to transmit.

From now on, on this same article, we’ll check the best marketplaces on the Internet to get royalty-free music licenses for our videos, distinguishing between:

  • Free royalty-free music
  • Royalty-free music under paid licenses

Although the first option (free) is tempting, it has its own inconveniences: the quality of the free music is not as good as the ones we need for a corporate video, we will have to attribute the author if it’s under Creative Commons and we risk the video being blocked or muted on big platforms like Youtube.

About the second option, the best marketplaces on the Internet are:

  • Audiojungle: Probably the best one and the one with better prices. 
  • Jamendo: A mix between a musical community and a marketplace for non-copyrighted music.
  • Pond5: Similar to the previous one, we will find music for presentation or business videos. 
  • Premiumbeat: More high-quality royalty-free music.
  • MusicBedFor big companies, they work with clients like Google or Mercedes-Benz.

On AudioJungle for example, we can find more than 200.000 songs classified by genres. One of these genres is called “Corporate” and it’s specifically for business and marketing videos.

You can find here some examples of this genre:


There are, as well, monthly payment services for which you can access a library of more than 300,000 royalty-free songs. The best known is Epidemic Sound, and that’s why the most famous YouTubers and big channels use it.

epidemic sound logoThe pricing starts at €13/month for channels of up to 500,000 monthly visits, €27/month for channels of up to 5 million monthly visits and €125/month for unlimited visits. Thanks to this, you can monetize your videos without any further problems and you will never receive a copyright claim from YouTube again. And you can try it during 30 days for free.

How to choose the best music for a corporate video?

To choose the best music, we will follow this steps:

  1. Decide what kind of emotion the video wants to transmit. Is a calm message, to inform? Is it a positive message? Is it a powerful one?
  2. Write four or five words that define the previous point. For example, they can be ambient, optimistic, background, happy, inspiring, emotional…
  3. Do the search, writing the keywords on the Audiojungle search engine and listen to at least 15-20 songs. Save in bookmarks the ones you like the most.  
  4. Download the preview of these ones. This will allow us to download the song with the watermark so we can try it in our video editor.
  5. Choose the one that better suits the mood of the video.
  6. Purchase the license for the song. There are different licenses depending on the size of the audience.

A corporate video has to be very attractive to get the attention of the viewer, it will decide if the product or idea that is presented there has some sort of success or not.

The quality of the video will determine also the reputation on the market and, if we want it to be authentic and catchy, we will have to use high-quality music.

Background music for business videos or presentations

A high-quality video cannot be made without the addition of background music or sound effects and, therefore, we will have to have some professional resources that allow us to get the best music for them.

One of the worst mistakes that can be made while the creation of a corporate video or ad is using music without purchasing the proper license of use.

It can be simply a short audio, but if we didn’t purchase the license, the algorithms of Youtube or Facebook can detect it and block the entire video.

And the same will happen if we use non-copyrighted images.

Being in a situation like this will get a lot of trouble to the video makers or marketing agency because it’s image will be damaged permanently and the company will not hire them again.

This kind of work has to be perfect because we’re not only creating a video but representing the image of an entire organization. A huge part of the income of the company depends on it.

Therefore it’s essential to use material 100% legal and original.

We recommend you read this other article in case you’re looking specifically for music for commercials and advertising.

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