musica ambiental en linea

Music streaming services for business

Here are some facts about how music affects your business:Music…

Income Report (July/August 2017) - Get back to where you once belonged

Hello everyone!After two long months waiting, here we…

Income Report (June 2017) - No Music

Another month here!Well, let's first show the numbers:And…
musica para tv

Music for TV Production

In this article we describe in a simple way the whole legal issue…
musica libre de derechos para audiovisuales

Royalty-Free Music for Video Production

In order to choose the royalty-free music that we will use in…

Income Report (May 2017) - Continuing...

Hello to everyone!Starting as always with what matters…
Income report april17

Income Report (April 2017) - On the Edge

Hi everyone!We'll just leave here the spreadsheet with…
musica para facebook

Legal Music for Facebook & Instagram Videos

Choosing a song to use on Facebook or Instagram is not as simple…

Income Report (Feb./March 2017): Snail Music 2.0

Hello everyone!We're going to have this time two Income…
Income report jan2017

Income Report (Jan. 2017): Going down, down, down...

Well, the title of this new income report can seem a bit…
como elegir la musica adecuada para un video

How to Choose the Best Music for Your Video Projects?

Choosing the right music for a video is not an exact science…
musica telefono call center

On hold music for call centers & Business

Before showing you the best places to get on hold music that…
music for marketing agencies

Music for Video Marketing

These statements summarize the importance that has and will have…
Income report dec16

Income Report (Dec. 2016): Christmas Music!

New year! :)We're writing this post on 2017, and therefore…
que es musica sin copyright

What is music without copyright or royalty-free music?

In this article we will try to explain in a simple way all kinds…

Income Report (Nov. 2016): Slowly but Forward

Third month on the island of Menorca!Things are becoming…
income report october 16

Income Report (Oct. 2016): Badges, SEO, Design & many Songs

Second month since we are living on the island of Menorca!To…
musica sin copyright gratis

Best sites to download FREE Copyright-Free Music

Pages to download Free Music The best sources for high-quality…

Income Report (Sept. 2016): Moving to the island of Menorca

Well, first full month working on the island of Menorca!…
musica electronica sin copyright

Download Royalty-free Electronic Music

While working in our own audiovisual projects, whether personal…
efectos de sonido para videos

Sound effects for Movies, Youtube Videos & Radio

Anyone who has searched for sound effects knows it is not easy…

Olexandr Ignatov: Working hard & smart to make a living with Music

Since 2013, young Olexandr Ignatov is making a living from AudioJungle.…
musica sin copyright para gameplays

Royalty-Free Music for Gameplays

A gameplay without music is not the same... but we can't put…
elevate audio music

Elevate Audio: Creating and Teaching Music with Passion

Avery Berman and Will Manning joined forces to become Elevate…
how to know if music is copyrighted

How to see if a song is Copyrighted?

The answer to this question is simple: almost all music is under…

Mexikus: Ups & Downs to reach finally Elite on AudioJungle

Born in Minsk - the capital of Belarus- young musician Arseniy…
musica de hospital

Background music for waiting rooms

The waiting room of any business, from a multinational company…
musica para videojuegos

Royalty-free & Background music for Video Games

When it comes to design and build a video game, at some point…
vender musica por internet

How to sell my music?

Every musician’s dream is to sell his music and make a living…
music for advertising

Music for commercials and advertising agencies

If you need a custom-made song for any kind of advertising click…

JohnRosso: Elite Author 4 years after joining AudioJungle

Young traveler and musician, Evgeny Natalchenko, also known as…
Income report August2016

Income Report (August 2016): First full-time month on AudioJungle

 6 months now on AudioJungle. Half a year!And we…
James Aurus Audio

AurusAudio: Audiojungle's Youngest Elite Author

With only 18 years old (most of us we didn’t believe that!)…
Income report JuneJuly16

Income Report (June/July 2016): Leaving the "normal" Job!

 Forth and 5th month on Audiojungle!Well, things…
audiojungle income report may

Income Report (May 2016): Buying Equipment

 Third month on Audiojungle!We're proud to have…
Income report april16

Income Report (April 2016): Setting up Everything

 Second month on Audiojungle!We're happy to see…
musica de fondo sin copyright

Download Legal Background Music for videos and presentations

¿Where I can find background music without copyright for my…
musica para anuncios y publicidad

Buy music for commercial use

It all depends on what we define as "commercial use". Do you…
como obtener los derechos de autor de una cancion

How to Buy music Rights

The first question here is:Do you need to purchase a license…
como usar musica con copyright en youtube

Buy music for Youtube videos

Youtube is the third most visited website on the Internet nowadays,…
musica para videos educativos

Buy music for homemade videos

Everyone nowadays uses the camera from their smartphone, GoPro…
musica para peliculas

Buy music for Films, Movies & Cinema

It is probably the most frequent question new talents ask when…
musica podcast

Music for podcast - Podsafe Music

Podcasting is no longer a trend as upward as a few years ago…
musica para video institucional

Buy music for corporate videos

Any corporate video represents the spirit of the company to the…
Income report march16

Income Report (March 2016): The Adventure Begins

 Yeah! Our first monthly income report is here!We…
buy music for commercials

Buy music for commercials

There is a great involvement of social media in our lives. Our…
snail music

Presenting Snail Music

Yes, this is our orange logo. We are Snail Music. And this is…

Audio Content Is Propelling Mobile & Online Games

When we look at the big budget video games on the market built…