August 14, 2016

Youtube Content ID and the music of your video

If upload your videos to Youtube, it’s important to know what content ID is and how we manage it at Snail Music.

What is Content ID and why should I worry?

Content ID is a technology created by Youtube for, in this case, recognizing automatically the music on all the videos that are uploaded on its platform. By doing this, they compare the songs and find out immediately when any of them is violating the copyright rules.

Without this kind of technology would be almost impossible to track the illegal use of digital artistic content on the Internet.

What happens then if I upload a video which music I have no copyright?

Various scenarios may occur. In this case, a copyright notice will appear on your channel, alerting you about the incidence. In the video manager tab you can also see a small phrase next to your video, as we show in the image below:

youtube content id

From here things get complicated, because the owner of the music may take some of these actions on their own:

  • Delete the complaint and not take any action in this regard
  • Display statistics video views
  • Monetizing video placing ads on it
  • Mute piece of audio that matches their music
  • Block video completely and avoid viewing
  • None of these scenarios benefits us too, as you can see

However, if you have purchased the license for the song, for example through AudioJungle, you have every right in the world to tell YouTube that you are authorized to use that music as you please.

How do I remove the warning message on Youtube?

  1. Once logged into your Youtube account, simply click on the warning message in your video manager tab stating “Matched third party content“.
  2. On the next page, it will appear all the information about the copyright claim and a blue button below that says “Contest“.
  3. You have to click on it and in the next step check the box that says “I have a license or written permission from the content owner to use this material.”
  4. Then you will be asked to explain the selection you have done, for which we recommend writing this:

I have purchased a license to use the song “Song Title” by “Name the author” from the website “” and I have the right to use the song on YouTube. I am pasting my license information below as proof:

* Paste license data here *

You can find the license data on your AudioJungle downloads page. After writing this, It’s all ready! In a period between 24 and 96 hours, your video should be clean.

Am Is this warning message going to appear if I use a Snail Music song?

No. At the moment we are committed to providing our customers with the greatest comfort in this matter, so you will not have to fill out this form on Youtube that we just discussed. We have decided not to record our songs in AdRev, the partner platform that manages content under copyright, at least for the moment.

On the other hand, what we have done is to record all our material and our songs on intellectual property platforms, which does not affect the use of our music on Youtube.

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns about it, you can always write us an email to and we will be happy to answer at any time.

youtube content id