On hold music for call centers & other businesses

It is usual for a lot of companies and small business to use royalty-free music like the ones you can hear above.

Every one of them is available to purchase under licenses to be used as on hold music for call centers.

What’s the main difference between copyrighted music and royalty free music?

Well, the difference is in the price and ease of use. While you can use a song by Madonna or Coldplay in a waiting tone, a company has to get permission from the author and pay a certain amount, usually high, to the P.R.O. (Performing Rights Organizations), to use a royalty-free song you simply have to pay the affordable price of a license.

Therefore, the use of royalty-free tunes allows companies to save the costs of the annual fees and the time to contact and negotiate with the copyrights holder or P.R.O.

hold on music for business

Where to buy ringback tones

If you want to acquire this type of royalty free music to use as hold on tone on the phone of your business or in your call center, we have several options available:

  • AudioJungle: Easiest option. In this marketplace, you can browse and find the songs you need from over half a million pieces of music, some of a quality that has nothing to envy to the great artists. Standard licenses start from $19, but if your company is multinational and operates worldwide we recommend to check all the available licenses. Once purchased the license, you can download the song and use it as on hold music without any problem.
  • Jamendo: The cost for a waiting tone is €49 (unlimited use) and, apart from that, you can purchase a special license in which many songs are included, under a monthly payment.

My company is a startup or is newly established and we have no budget for hold on tones

In that scenario, it is also possible to get free music without copyrights on websites like Free Music Archive or Incompetech. The only problem?

Usually, these songs have a specific creative commons license which serves only for non-commercial use.

If they are available for commercial use, you will have to attribute its author, and that means to put his/her name somewhere and it will not be very professional from your side.

on hold music for call centers

A viable alternative could then be to make your own original songs with any software or make your own cover of a song that has more than 90 years old, as by law they are no longer under copyright.

We, however, recommend purchasing a license, because the time you will save is worth more than the small price you pay and the quality is going to be always higher.

If you need more information about it, we recommend you to read our articles about music streaming for business and background music for waiting rooms.

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