Income Report (July/August 2017) – Get back to where you once belonged

Hello everyone! After two long months waiting, here we are again! 🙂 As always, first, show me the numbers!! Yes, the total net earning of July and August has been almost the same, with the difference in the affiliate income, that has increased a lot 🙂 Everything has changed so much internally in Snail Music:[…]

Income Report (June 2017) – No Music

Another month here! Well, let’s first show the numbers: And then start to explain… because we’re still in the middle of the dessert here and it’s being hard to digest. To worsen the situation, we ‘ve been more or less 45 days without uploading a single song. On Audiojungle, this means lowering our chances of[…]

Income Report (May 2017) – Continuing…

Hello to everyone! Starting as always with what matters most: So… because of what we made this last 30 days, we can continue for another month and a half. We didn’t make enough money to support our lifestyle on the island (just 950€ between the two of us, fairly cheap!) but as long as we’re making[…]

Income report april17

Income Report (April 2017) – On the Edge

Hi everyone! We’ll just leave here the spreadsheet with our numbers and KPI’s for this month: We have money in our bank account for one more month. So you will understand that I have no time to write a whole Income Report and I have to go back to work. Now. Quickly. We’re on fire.[…]

Income Report (Feb./March 2017): Snail Music 2.0

Hello everyone! We’re going to have this time two Income Reports in one (February + March) because at the end of February I broke my arm, so I couldn’t use the computer and write there for a few weeks.  Happily I’m recovering fast, so we’re here again! 🙂 And so many things had happened in just[…]

Income report jan2017

Income Report (Jan. 2017): Going down, down, down…

Well, the title of this new income report can seem a bit pessimistic but I really took it from the song Plage 😉 And yes, things are not going as expected on the Jungle. This first month of the year has been very bad in terms of sales, with a total income generated of 278$[…]

Income report dec16

Income Report (Dec. 2016): Christmas Music!

New year! 🙂 We’re writing this post on 2017, and therefore we are able now to look back and see how everything has evolved since we started in March. What an amazing journey! December has been the best month of all, with a total income of $690 from licenses sold + referrals, so we are[…]


Income Report (Nov. 2016): Slowly but Forward

Third month on the island of Menorca! Things are becoming quite interesting as we have money in our savings to survive 3-4 more months at this pace. Buuuut, first of all, if you’re reading this between the 1 and 6 of December, you still can like our Movember picture to help us win the contest! Just click[…]

income report october 16

Income Report (Oct. 2016): Badges, SEO, Design & many Songs

Second month since we are living on the island of Menorca! To make things easier, we’ve created a public spreadsheet with the evolution of our income numbers and some KPI’s: So, as you can see, we have sold 29 licenses this month, 9 more than the previous one and making it the best month so[…]


Income Report (Sept. 2016): Moving to the island of Menorca

Well, first full month working on the island of Menorca! (If you missed our last update, you can read it here) For September 2016, this is what happened with our money: Income from licenses: 152€ Income from Affiliates: 7€ Expenses: 742€ And main KPIs: Licenses sold this month: 18 (+17 vs August) Total licenses sold:[…]

audiojungle income report may

Income Report (May 2016): Buying Equipment

Third month on Audiojungle! We’re proud to have contributed with one post on Envato’s blog! Many things happened to us this month, both good and not that good and we keep going and creating. That’s the beauty of starting a journey like this one, that you never know what’s coming next. So, for May 2016,[…]

Income report april16

Income Report (April 2016): Setting up Everything

Second month on Audiojungle! We’re happy to see that we made on the 3rd spot for ‘Top New Authors‘ this month on the marketplace, wich has given us some nice exposition. Thank you Envato team! So, for April 2016, our second month on Audiojungle, these are our money numbers: Income from licenses: 89€ Income from Affiliates: 0€ Expenses:[…]

Income report march16

Income Report (March 2016): The Adventure Begins

Yeah! Our first monthly income report is here! We don’t want to share only the money numbers, but all the important KPIs that we are tracking for Snail Music. At the very beginning, we want to mantain our focus on Audiojungle, uploading there all our creations as Exclusive Authors. Our first goal, one that can take[…]

snail music

Presenting Snail Music

Yes, this is our orange logo. We are Snail Music. And this is our first post. We started this venture less than one month ago, on March 2016, after many years being each one on their own, living life the best we could and trying to build our own careers. After meeting each other in[…]