September 6, 2016

How to know what AudioJungle license I need?

Envato is a company that encompasses well known marketplaces such as AudioJungle (for music), ThemeForest (WordPress templates), VideoHive (for videos) and many others. But, while most of them have understandable and easy licenses -usually regular and extended- AudioJungle is a special case: it has 5 different types of license.

So, for the people (our beloved clients) who are unfamiliar with royalty-free licenses or people who simply don’t have time to read it to the detail it can be sometimes difficult to know wich one to purchase.

If I put this song solely on a video for Youtube video wich license I need? And what happens if I use it on an indie movie? And in the local radio? And…? And…?

Also as Matthew, from the Envato team, said in one forum thread recently:

“Many of our pre-sales support tickets relate to licensing.”

So yeah, we know is not easy.

And that’s why we, after an in deep study of all characteristics of every license, have created this little form that will help you determine the license you need. 🙂

The cost of the licenses

Usually, the cost of one item on AudioJungle depends on:

  • The size of the audience to which we want to reach.
  • If we’re going to use it in downloadable or physical products.
  • If we’re going to use it on a movie.
  • If we’re going to use it on Broadcast.

Note that we are talking about music licenses. For SFX (sound effects) licenses its easier and you can find more information here.

And this are the name of the five different types of license on AudioJungle and it’s prices as for today:

  • Music Standard License $ 19 
  • Music Broadcast (1 million) License: $ 38 
  • Music Mass reproduction License: $ 76
  • Music Broadcast (10 million) License: $ 152
  • Music Broadcast & Film License: $ 304

Now, you only have to have in mind wich is going to be the end product and then go through the form, taking your time to understand and answer in a proper way all the questions in there. You will see that is quick and easy!

And, if you finish it and you have more questions about it, you can always write us an email: and we will be very happy to answer you in less than 24 hours.

what audiojungle license i need